Molding Pattern Knives & Accessory Guide

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Profile  Types


Profile  Types

Page   1

Cove Moldings

Page   9 Antique Batten & Panel
Page   2 Crown Moldings Page  10 Antique Casing & Base
Page   3 Bed, Casing & Back Relief Page  11 Antique Base
Page   4 Stop, Base & Base Shoe Page  12 Casing & Base
Page   5 Base Cap, Batten & Panel Page  13 Picture Frame & Rosette Knives
Page   6 Half Round. Dowel & Misc Page  14 Planer/Molder Accessories
Page   7 Chair Rail & Hand Rail Page  15 985 Planer/Molder (Replaced by PM15)
Page   8 T&G, Rd Over, Rabbet, V & Spec Page  16

Custom Ground Pattern Knives